domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

#9 Touch by Jus Accardo

Stars: *****

Genre: YA, Action, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance

Dez loves doing extreme stuff, bungee jumping, skateboarding off roofs, anything that makes the adrenaline pump though her body. She also loves pissing off her father so when a mysterious boy with blue eyes lands in front of her on her way home she takes him to her house. Kale, the blue eyed cutie, is weird, he doesn't let her touch him, always jumping away, and he showers while wearing the shoes she lent him. And then her father comes home. She expects him to yell at her but she is suprised to find him with a gun, pointing at Kale, while this boy threatens to touch her. Apparently, his touch kill, but for some reason she is immune to his touch. Also, her father works for some type of secret organisation called Denazen who uses people like Kale, people with special powers known as Sixes, as weapons. Kale and Dez go looking for a guy known as the reaper, hidding from her father. And Dez discovers her father is not the only one with secrets, because she has a secret she has hidden from him all his life, something she could use against him...

Dez was a great kick ass character. She was the one who told the story and it was quite fun making me laugh many times and getting weird looks from my family. And Kale!!! I've read a book once with a boy like Kale, it was a Spanish book that I have as my fav, but Kale is a tiny bit better. If you've seen X-men, Push, and Misfits, you'll like this book because it has those powers, nothing of glitery vamps or hairy weres. And as it hurts to say, the second book to this magnificant series will come out on September 11th, which seem so so so so far :( .
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