viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

#8 Earth Girl by Janet Edwards

Stars: ****

Genres: YA. Sci-fi, Romance.

It's 2788 and every Norm gets to go through portals to other planets, now only the Handicapped live on earth. The Handicapped are those who can't go to other planets, if they do, they will die. 
18 year old Jarra is a Handicapped and she has always held a grudge against the Norms, especially her parents who abandonned her when she was sent to earth to save her life.
And then Jarra has a great idea, she will invent a fake identity, passing as a norm from a military family, go to a history class on earth with norms who despisse apes such as herself (because she knows what all norms think of her, she has heard all the jokes on the vids) and when all the norms she will tell them that she is an ape and see all their faces.
But Jarra never expected to became friends with the norms or start falling for a boy who loves history just as she does.
And then there's the huge solar storm that strikes earth, making all the norms in her class portal off-world, but Jarra, as an ape girl, can't. Oh, and lets not forget the military ship that will land on earth escaping the solar storm, the first land in 600 years, and its crashing near their shelter.

The story starts off as Jarra telling us (or actually the norms) all the events that unfold to become her story.
Jarra was fun, but a bit though more that half through the story she annoyed me, but I kept reading nervous to see what happened. It was exititng and fun, somthing refreshing. And I love archeology and it was really cool I could read about archeologu in a future view.
So, like history, space stories and great characters? Read this book.

And the Cover!!!!OMG!!! LOVE!

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