domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

#10 Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Stars: *** and 1/2

Genre: YA, romance, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Action.

Seventeen year old Lila has two big secrets, first of all she has a crush (in her case it's considered an obsession) on her brother's best friend and she is telekinetic. 
After almost scrapping someones eye out with her powers she decides to flee England and go to her older brother who lives in the states, where she thinks she will be safe. She promises herself not to use her power again and be normal, at least act it. She soon discovers her brother and her crush work for a secret organisation called the Unit were they hunt people like her. Lila gets involved in the Unit, meets people like her and discovers secrets. 

I didn't like Lila much, she was a bit too obsesive with her crush (her way of making time go faster is thinking of him, and she stole his shirt) but there where great characters in this book, like Suki. Suki was lots of fun.

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